Our Clients

We serve a broad range of clients, from major global corporations to small start-ups.


Some examples of what we do

Hearing protectors

Flexworks has developed and produced a large variety of hearing protectors over the years. A recent example is a hearing protector with integrated Bluetooth and an advanced DSP signal processor. The product has adaptive surround sound filtering and impulse noise suppression as well as noise cancelling technology for clearer communication.

Communication radio

We developed a high-performance wide-bandwidth communication radio for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of personal protection equipment. The communication radio is integrated into hearing protection and works at a very low power consumption.

The product has been manufactured for several years and the latest edition is approved for use in environments rated as being in the toughest intrinsic safety classes. The communication radio is used in situations subjected to heavy vibrations, extreme temperatures, and high air humidity. It is also used on oil platforms and mines as well as in other explosive environments. The communication radio is also available in lower certification classes and is popular across general industries.

Industrial/Mobile PC

We have developed and produced an extremely rugged pc motherboard platform for applications in harsh environments subjected to extreme temperatures, vibration, and impacts etc. The unique motherboard design allows for a robust mechanical design optimized for passive cooling technology and facilitates customer specific modifications both on mechanics and motherboard. It can be either partially or fully potted depending on application.

Bluetooth headphones

Flexworks has developed and manufactured several successful headphones for a major consumer brand. One example is a high-end model with strong design features, stringent material and acoustic stipulations, and built to a very competitive budget. The design brief called for an exceptional battery life and a unique 5-way toggle switch interface in a small and tightly controlled industrially designed envelope.

LoRA based IoT sensor

Flexworks worked with the customer to develop electronics, firmware, mechanics, and test systems for a LoRaWan temperature and humidity sensor. The product includes a built-in security solution and is extremely power efficient with a 10-year operating warranty on a single integrated battery.

X-ray source control electronics

For a world leader in high brightness x-ray sources we have developed a modular control electronics system incorporating everything from a Commercial Off The Shelf Personal Computer (COTS PC) to high precision current sources for electron optics, sensor and valve controls, and pico-amp meters. The system also controls the machine directive compliant double redundant and monitoring safety system.